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Shellfish & Cephalapods

As the price of fish fluctuates daily, we want to make sure you only pay for what you get. Just call or place an order through the online shop and we will do the rest.

We are always on the end of the phone and will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

Celebration Collection

£90.00 (approx)

This collection serves 2

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Inspired Cookbook

£20.00 (approx)
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Seafood Selection for 2

£85.00 (approx)
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Brown Crab Meat 250g

£9.00 (approx)

Portion for 1 (pack weight 250g)

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£6.50£13.00 (approx)
£26.00 /kg

Portion for 1 (approx 250g)

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Cooked Crevettes

£7.50£15.00 (approx)
£30.00 /kg
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Dressed Crab

£10.00 (approx)

Portion for 1 (pack weight 170g)

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Fresh Squid Bodies & Tentacles

£9.00 (approx)
£45.00 /kg

One portion is approximately 2 whole, cleaned squid.

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Lobster Whole

£45.00 (approx)
£56.25 /kg

Portion for 2 (approx 800g)

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£4.50£9.00 (approx)
£9.00 /kg
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North Atlantic Peeled Prawns

£16.00 (approx)
£40.00 /kg

Portion for 2/3 (approx 400g)

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£2.00 (approx)

Single Oyster

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Peeled King Prawns (Raw & Frozen)

£12.00 (approx)
£24.00 /kg

Portion for 3 (approx 500g)

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Raw Crevettes

£8.00£16.00 (approx)
£32.00 /kg

250g is approx 10 crevettes


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£7.50£15.00 (approx)
£50.00 /kg

Portion for 1 (approx 150g)

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Shell-On Prawns

£5.00 (approx)
£27.78 /kg

Portion for 2 (approx 180g)

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Squid Bodies (Frozen)

£3.50 (approx)
£19.44 /kg

Portion for 1 (approx 180g)

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White Crab Meat 125g

£9.95 (approx)
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White Crab Meat 250g

£19.95 (approx)

Portion for 1 (pack weight 250g)

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Whole Baby Squid (frozen)

£9.50 (approx)

Portion for 2 (pack weight 454g)

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Whole King Prawns 8-10 Prawns per kG

£3.00 (approx)

Price per prawn

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