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Oily Fish

As the price of fish fluctuates daily, we want to make sure you only pay for what you get. Just call or place an order through the online shop and we will do the rest.

We are always on the end of the phone and will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

Cold Smoked ChalkStream Trout

£11.50 (approx)

200g Packet

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Inspired Cookbook

£20.00 (approx)
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Salmon Goujons

£5.25 (approx)
£26.25 /kg
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Side of Chalk Stream Trout

£22.40 (approx)
£32.00 /kg

An average side is approx 700-800 grams, enough for 4/5 as a main, or more as part of a buffet.

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Whole Hampshire River Trout

£5.20 (approx)
£10.40 /kg

One fish is approx 500g and will serve one as a main meal.

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Anchovies Fillets in Oil

£5.00 (approx)

Portion for 1. Pack weight: 259g

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£7.20 (approx)
£18.00£36.00 /kg

One whole Mackerel generally feeds one (approx 300g)

Filleted weight approx 180g

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Salmon Portion

£5.40 (approx)
£30.00 /kg

Portion for 1 (approx 180g)

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Salmon Whole Side

£40.00 (approx)
£30.77 /kg

One Salmon Side will generally feed 7/9 (approx 1600g)

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£3.60£3.65 (approx)
£18.25£36.00 /kg

Portion for 1 Whole (approx 200g)

Portion for 1 filleted (approx 100g)

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Trout (Rainbow Chalk stream)

£4.77 (approx)
£26.50 /kg

Portion for 1 (approx 180g)

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